Welcome to Prescribed Poetry, creators of personalised poetry for friends, family and loved ones.

Price Structure & Fundraising

Wedding Speech £20
Funeral Reading/Reflective Eulogy £20
Occasion Poems (birthday; anniversary; leaving etc) £20

Remember 100% of all funds raised will be donated to charity

Funds raised to date: Charities benefited:
£645 Children's Society:Diabetes UK;British Heart Foundation;Dementia UK; Barnardos;Prostate Cancer; Chernobyl Children; Royal British Legion; Comic Relief

Step 1

To commission your unique speech or poem, complete the appropriate questionnaire (see questionnaire pages). Remember, the more information you can provide the more your poem will reflect the person whose gift it is.

A poem takes a while to craft. While the writing of the final piece may only take a few short hours, the building of the word layers can involve days of free thinking and reflection along with numerous drafts. This is why I usually ask you for ten working days notice before your poem is required. At busy times of the year like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day please allow as much time as you can.

Step 2

After you have completed your questionnaire you will be invited to pay your fee.

When your words are complete, I will email you directly and you can choose how you would like them presented:
a) Emailed directly to you so that you can format and print it in a style to your liking.
b) Printed on antiqued A4 paper (as per example above) and posted directly to your home address or your recipient (UK addresses only).

All that's left for you to do is hand over your precious gift.