Welcome to Prescribed Poetry, creators of personalised poetry for friends, family and loved ones.


Words don't always come easy .......................

So relax and feel good. PreScribed Poetry is here to take your word worries away.Birthdays, Christmas and Anniversaries will no longer cause any dilemma!

  • A wedding speech that needs to sum up memories; hopes; dreams and a wealth of good wishes for the future.
  • A eulogy, perhaps long after that gift of a person has left and there's been time to reflect and smile. A time to record their life and all that made them uniquely special.
  • A christening desire that can encompass all those aspirations for a child so small, with a lifetime to fill.
  • A leaving or retiring gift that contains so many good thoughts from a team of colleagues to wish them well. A card is not enough.
    Don't forget all those birthdays and anniversaries too; Father's Day, Valentine's Day... the list is endless!
Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Writing - inspiration for personalised poetry So many occasions leave us lost for words as emotions run high and our thoughts overflow in a tangle of good intentions. PreScribed Poetry can take the stress out of any occasion when you need to find words to record your innermost thoughts and wishes.

Simply complete the easy website questionnaire and I will take your reflections and craft them into the poem or speech that will ensure that your gift to any occasion is quite simply unforgettable.

Your thoughts translated into a personalised poem - a cherished and uniquely memorable gift.

Finally, the pressure's off!

Words do come easy!

With PreScribed Poetry, you can leave all the hard work to me.

Relax and simply wait for your eloquently crafted gift to arrive. The relax and 'feel good' factor runs through every stage of my work at PreScribed Poetry. 100% of the funds raised are donated to charity. See our 'Fundraising' pages for more details.